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Mother Tries to Kill Her Own Children Before Rapture

Don’t don’t don’t draw any conclusions just yet. Remember what William Lane Craig said a week back about Biblical infanticide.

Moreover, if we believe, as I do, that God’s grace is extended to those who die in infancy or as small children, the death of these children was actually their salvation. We are so wedded to an earthly, naturalistic perspective that we forget that those who die are happy to quit this earth for heaven’s incomparable joy. Therefore, God does these children no wrong in taking their lives.

Sorry, no inspiration tonight. After all, I just found out that Bastrop High School’s graduation ceremony today featured a Lord’s Prayer.

I’m going to sign off for at least 12 hours to cool my mind…


Christian Apologist Defends Genocide and Infanticide

Greta Christina slammed William Lane Craig a couple of days ago on his insane defense of Biblical atrocities.

 And he [Craig] said that as long as God gives the thumbs-up, it’s okay to kill pretty much anybody. It’s okay to kill bad people, because they’re bad and they deserve it… and it’s okay to kill good people, because they wind up in Heaven. As long as God gives the thumbs-up, it’s okay to systematically wipe out entire races. As long as God gives the thumbs-up, it’s okay to slaughter babies and children. Craig said — not essentially, not as a paraphrase, but literally, in quotable words — “the death of these children was actually their salvation.”

You can and should read the whole blog post. I’ve never seen an argument so bad and intellectually suicidal since… the last time I heard this argument (at an SSA debate).

Before my secular readers go into “WTF” mode, I say we have to show some sympathy for people like Craig. You see, we atheists don’t know what it is like to have to kiss up to a book at all costs, despite all the evidence in the world that the characters in the book are fictional (cannot possibly be good or divine).

Like I mentioned in the previous post, Christians usually go through all kinds of obstacles to make up desperate rationalizations for things that don’t normally make sense. They reinterpret Genesis to fit evolutionary theory. They think the Flood was a metaphor. And in this case, they come up with some morally bankrupt defense for atrocities in the Bible.