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Happy Carl Sagan Day 2013

There are so many videos of Carl Sagan’s inspirational and life-changing narration about the Pale Blue Dot. Here are two of my favorites.

The first is a recently released crowd-sourced video from the skeptic and nonbelieving community. Carl Sagan certainly has a way to bring people from all walks of life together, and that makes me so happy.

The second is a breathtakingly beautiful production from the Sagan Series.


The Most Important Earth Day Message Ever

Carl Sagan showed us that in this demon-haunted world–a world of endless divisions, hatreds, and superstitions– we are all sitting on a pale blue dot, a mere momentary speck of sand in a universe full of stars. He challenged us to be reasonable and kind to each other, and he taught us that science is the brightest candle we can hold to the darkness of human conceits and biases.

Earth Day is a day when we should recognize that we need to keep this planet in order, not just environmentally but politically, economically, and socially. We need to keep Carl Sagan’s dream alive. And if the day ever comes that we discover that there is more to life than in our little corner on Earth, we’ll remember that Sagan knew it all along.

The Frontier is Everywhere

The voice that soothes the heart and warms the soul, stimulates the mind and unleashes the imagination, brings us to other worlds and back. We will never ever forget.