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Faith Leads Not to Truth

If you are concerned about truth, then you should be concerned about reliable methods of arriving at truth. Faith is not one of them.


What the Smartest People Have to Say About Religion

It’s no surprise that human beings, and their words and thoughts, can be so inspirational. Look out into the night sky and see the awe-inspiring universe. We are an infinitesimal part of it.

You Can Get Away With Anything As A Person of Faith

Imagine if Bernie Madoff was running an event that attracted hundreds of investors (let’s say atheist investors) to watch his presentation and buy his new financial products with cheer and enthusiasm. That’s the “WTF” feeling I got when I watched this video from the Center for Inquiry.

If there’s anything “faith” does, it makes people irrationally trust the most vile scammers and frauds in the world.

Peter Popoff, in case you don’t know, is a faith healer. James Randi and company infiltrated his shows in the past and discovered radio transmissions (from his wife) that broadcast the information of the people he was healing (names, address, etc.). When these transmissions were shown on national TV, Peter Popoff career died down for a while.

But now he is back, asking for money from people who believe that it is possible to communicate directly with an invisible supernatural being that cares about what you think.

Is Civil Discourse Possible in a Christian Society?

A very intriguing person calls into the Atheist Experience. Matt Dillahunty says some things that I think are worth more than a moment’s reflection.