Name: Mike

Mike is a graduate of the University of Chicago who doubled majored in Mathematics and Economics. He is a staunch rationalist who is mesmerized by the simple beauties of the Universe. He loves the world of science and philosophy, and sharing meaningful stories and beautiful expressions of creativity.

During college, he and a team of secular students worked to form the Secular Alliance at the University of Chicago. He first served as an interim Secretary, and then was elected to become Treasurer and then PR Director. He has also worked as a volunteer intern for the Foundation Beyond Belief, focusing on a large charity project to raise money to fight against cancer. He wishes to continue his involvement in the skeptic/atheist/secular community.

His other intellectual/academic interest is in behavioral/experimental economics. Specifically, he is interested in studying how people form beliefs and make decisions, and how these decisions aggregate into phenomenon that depart from the predictions of more classical paradigms.

On the weekends, he likes to blog, read Reddit, play flight simulator games, and pretend to play tournament chess.

  1. youre a hypocrite

    you’re trying to change someone else faith you hypocrite

  2. That’s quite an impressively idiotic troll you’ve got there!

    For what it’s worth, I like your blog.

  3. Hey, I’m a Christian, but other than that we seem to see the world in very similar lights. Though we differ on a couple core metaphysical principles, I appreciate your blog. Please know that “Christian” and “Creationist” (or “Biblical literalist”) are not synonymous. And that being Christian does not preclude being curious about the rational, physical universe.

  4. Howdy. This is Ted Cox. Can you email me? I haz a question for you.

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