What Are You Thirsty For? This is What I’m Thirsty For

There was a time at the UChicago campus when the InterVarsity Christians set up a tent outside and politely asked people, “What Are You Thirsty For?” as part of a larger national evangelism campaign. I think it was a very sincere effort to spark conversation about what people wanted in life, and how it connected to Christianity.

Well, I wasn’t asked, and who knows what I would have said, but I’m going to try to answer anyways.

This is what I’m thirsty for.

-I’m thirsty for a world of humanism, a world where old, narrow allegiances and ideologies give way to an appreciation of the well-being of all forms of sentient life and a true effort to minimize suffering, paying special attention to the poor, the disadvantaged, the outcasted, and our animal cousins.

-I’m thirsty for a world where people will learn to understand the benefits of thinking skeptically and the dangers of not recognizing their cognitive biases, a world where science, like a candle illuminating the dark, occupies its rightful place in the public discourse.

-I’m thirsty for a world where traditional and oppressive forms of morality that restrict ordinary human actions or identities, especially sexuality and gender, be discarded in favor of a more liberal system that affirms the true freedom and equality of all people.

-I’m thirsty for a world where real practical solutions, built from the technological intelligence of humankind, work to improve the quality and length of life, instead of a world that draws false hope from ancient fables that talk about a afterlife that we know not of.

-I’m thirsty for an ethical system that is reasonable and proportional to the welfare of people and the severity of moral transgressions, a system that rejects extreme and eternal forms of cruelty, rejects moral justification of actions based on supposed divine commands, and rejects the extreme belief that human beings are depraved and therefore need to feel guilty and repentant about every little imperfection that they have.

-I’m thirsty for a culture where disbelief, dissent, and skepticism is respected as a good, rather than discouraged or blamed as the workings of a supernatural demon.

-I’m thirsty for true inspiration instead of unfounded hopes, true inspiration that comes from seeing people of all religious backgrounds who do great and brave things, or from understanding the majesty of this enormous natural universe where we are floating on a speck of dust revolving around a random star in a random galaxy out of hundreds of billions. It is this cosmic view of life that I am also thirsty for an end to the conceited worldview that manifests itself in fights over politics, land, and religion.

-And finally, I’m thirsty for learning and growing, and for taking the risk all the time of thinking for myself, rather than resigning myself to an unalterable theistic authority that supposedly rules over us all.

That’s what I’m thirsty for.

Humanists, what are YOU thirsty for?


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  1. Well stated! Bravo!

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