Inspiration is for Everyone

My previous post about having a humble attitude towards inspiration has sparked some criticism, some of which is from Dianoilogos, who writes that “inspiration is for everyone (not just for the gifted few)“:

This is concerning to me.  Yes, not everyone has the opportunity to trulyappreciate a sunrise, listen to beautiful music, or revel in the sights and sounds of nature.  That’s true.  But saying inspiration is a “privilege.”  It just doesn’t set well.

Inspiration is for everyone.  But if we want to ensure everyone has equal access to it, we need to make sure the society is structured in a way everyone can adequately avail themselves of that blessing and the opportunity to appreciate the world in all its wonders regardless of whether they’re rich or poor,geniuses or not, etc.

Looking back, I think I chose the wrong ordering of words. No, having hope and being inspired doesn’t and shouldn’t make you an elite. It doesn’t make you inherently better than anyone else. Yes, like the many good things in life, inspiration is truly for everyone.

I still stand by my claim that certain privileges make access to inspiration easier, and that we should recognize that. More importantly, we all agree that the world has many wonders, and we should work towards a society that gives all people a chance to appreciate these wonders.

Lastly, this is a good reminder that constructive and honest criticism of vocabulary, tone, and content help us make our arguments better, and provide us with opportunities to be more rational people.


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