Thank You! But The Battle Continues

To all those on the Chicago-SSA team (Loyola, UChicago, DePaul, Northwestern). To all those who helped us raised money or participated in the walk. To all the Foundation Beyond Belief teams around the country. To all the people who believe in and support this cause.

Thank you! Light the Night 2012 was excellent! I’ve never seen so many people walk along the lakefront, holding lighted balloons. I’ve never seen so many people excited after turning the corner to see “Light the Night” on one of Chicago’s skyscrapers.

It was inspirational. And beautiful. And totally worth doing again.

But the work isn’t over. Did you know you can still fundraise, and that your donations to any FBB team will still be matched dollar for dollar by the Stiefel Freethought Foundation until December 31? Check out our team page.

The work will never be over. Blood cancers–and other types of cancers too–continue to wreck havoc on human lives. Many Americans will find themselves frightened and alone. Many will be uninsured. The Leukemia and Lymphoma society provides patients with vital support services and financial assistance. And they’re one of the largest contributors to cancer research in the world.


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