The Right to Criticize Religion Is Not Free: Speak Out Now

The right to speak our minds, the right to criticize religion candidly and openly, does not come without pain, or without struggle. If we don’t speak out, if we don’t stand strong and steady, we will lose this right to theological oppression.

If you care about making the world a more tolerant place, if want to know about an interfaith (aka transfaith) issue that really matters, then watch this video (the really inspirational part starts at 1:35).

Alexander Aan is still in jail, for the crime of talking about atheism on Facebook. Many others are also. Countless others live a lie, or keep their beliefs secret.

We humanists believe that no person deserves punishment for speaking his/her mind. No person should live in fear for their lives and freedom because of their beliefs.

Sign the petitions. Share on Facebook. Talk about it with your friends. Make this a topic of national conversation.


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