Beautiful Words About Who You Are

I don’t why religions engage in guilt-tripping all the time. I don’t understand why you have to be told you’re broken or fallen, as if you deserve to be tortured forever. I don’t understand why children at Jesus Camp have to be told that they’re nothing but hypocrites and phonies, for doing things like watching Harry Potter and  *gasp* talking dirty. I don’t understand why children have to be emotionally and psychologically manipulated in this way.

Here’s a note that made it to Reddit.

Do not let fear inspire you. This does not have to be your life. But it will be only because you let it. There are those of us who are godless and good. You can be good without god. Do not let the fearful tales of sin and hell limit you.

You were not born broken — you were simply born. Born, as a human whose potential was to be shaped by your experiences. Your potential, your purpose, your entire life is what you make it.

I do not believe in a god… but I believe in you.”


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  1. It’s all about control and power. Convince people that their perfectly natural and healthy urges are ‘sinful’, make sure they’ll feel really guilty about those sins, and then offer to redeem them.

    You’ve created the demand, and you control the supply. You now have power over the addicts congregation.

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