Pondering the Cosmos as an Unbeliever

There are many religious people who insist that if only you give their religion a try, you’ll see that being religious is an indescribably sublime and transcendent experience, that these experiences can give you a completely fresh perspective on life and our place in the greater scheme of things…

But what about the other way around? Many ex-believers like me have found so much more beauty, meaning, and purpose outside of religion. No, it isn’t like being born again (Who wants to stay as a child anyways?), but it’s like growing up to be a more mature and understanding person. It’s about the feeling of knowing that you’re living honestly and truthfully with as few delusions as possible. And it’s a peace and understanding that transcends all religion and culture, that gives you a certain reference frame in which the world seems less mysterious but far more elegant and beautiful.

The video below pretty much captures what many of us have been trying to express.


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