Shelley Segal, The Atheist With An Amazing Voice

I’ve recently been captivated by a singer named Shelley Segal. An atheist and a secular humanist from Australia,  she has been intimately involved in the secular movement. She recently released “An Atheist Album”, a collection of seven songs reflecting her thoughts about religion, science, and the place of humanity in this universe.

Her songs are amazing contributions to the world of atheist music. In “Saved”, she asks us to question the religious beliefs and “moral” codes that we take for granted. Her song “Gratitude” is my favorite because it is deeply inspirational. Her description is as follows:

It makes the point that you do not need to be religious to appreciate and be grateful for the life you have. In the face of dissatisfaction, fear, loneliness and the rest of life’s hardships it is possible to be overwhelmed with gratitude and awe for existence without the perceived comforts of believing in a caring creator or everlasting life.

Finally, another notable piece is “Apocalyptic Love Song”, which is a tribute to Christopher Hitchens and the idea that we are a tiny speck in a gigantically awesome universe. This is really great stuff indeed.

It is altogether fitting, therefore, that she will be kicking off Reason Rally in Washington, DC on March 24. I hope to see you there, but in the meantime, let us enjoy this top-notch music!



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