Christians Hate Religion? Join the Club.

This is a non-spoken spoken word response to this video:

Very high chance that this will eventually be put into actual spoken word video form on the new InspiringFreethought Youtube Channel. Stay tuned.


Christians Hate Religion?

There are a few people who think they know Jesus,
And will work until all hate in their Church ceases.
It sounds noble, for they accept the secular critique,
But they think there is something that makes their beliefs unique.

Sure, Christians are not all sincere, and a lot of it’s display.
Sure, religion has done horrible things, that they’ll all say.
Sure, Man might have disgraced Jesus, ever since the Fall,
But yet they’ll insist that Christ is not religion at all.

But there’s something wrong here, why’s it so bad?
Because it just doesn’t have substance, and it reads like an ad.
What if you told me, that you believed in a God that is real?
And then you told me, that you talked to him before your last meal?

What if you told me that because of Sin we all deserve Hell,
And through somebody’s blood, and through faith, we can all get well?
What if you told me about Salvation, and that that Jesus is Son,
And that the Bible is the true Word of the God that is One?

What if you told me that you believed in the Church,
And that on a cross Jesus died and was perched?
I’m sorry, but I have to be honest, and so do you.
It’s all religious dogma, unless you don’t believe it too.

But what did Jesus call himself, in the Book that you believe?
The Truth, the Light, and the Way, and only through Him could we achieve.
The level that is God, a supernatural thing.
Jesus is a metaphysical thesis, and not just something you sing.

Jesus isn’t religion, and only a loving relation, you claim.
And you say you hate religion and that they should take some blame.
Yet if none of your beliefs or dogma can be rationally shown,
Then you’re just saying all religion is bad, except your own.

The danger is that, for every other person and religion,
From Muhammad to Buddha to Krishna and Hitchens,
You accept the criticism of their beliefs and actions from us,
But with yours you call it a relationship, so you don’t ever discuss,

You don’t discuss science and skepticism, because you want to be immune.
Your incredible claims about Jesus, and even his returning soon,
They’re all just religious claims, which by themselves are absurd,
Unless you have reasons or evidence (and it’s not just something you’ve heard).

So please, please be intellectually honest, and don’t dodge the question.
Why are any of your beliefs true? And don’t go on a digression.
The real good news is that you don’t have to believe that any religion is true.
You can be Good without God, and a loving humanist, too.


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  1. You’re awesome. Please make a video of you saying this out loud and put it on our youtube channel.

    • take a look: judging is bad u could have a better life! if u just change ur mind and give ur dear creator god who has a name (psalms83:18) a second chance to know him better.

  2. read jeremiah 10:23 also read john 17:3 knowing god lead into great results want to know why, how? go and check this site: . have u ever knew that god has a specific name? go ahead and take a look on that site.

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