We’re All Dreamers

It couldn’t have been too long ago when Liel Kolet and Bill Clinton, along with 40 Jewish and 40 Arab children, sang “Imagine” together on stage.

I love this because they didn’t make the abusive mistake of labeling children a certain religion (i.e. Muslim) but instead described their ethnicity (“Jewish” refers not to the religion, I assume).

I also love it because secularism and a respect for all people is the only way we can survive on this earth. Secularism is humankind’s last hope for a world society that will in actuality and practice live on this earth in peace.

Indeed, let’s imagine there’s no religion. No promises from deities. No divine interventions in the Middle East real estate market. No chosen peoples, no covenants with gods. No prophets and revelations. Only us. Only here. Only tomorrow.


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  1. “Only us” you say.

    Then selfishness will be the order of the day and “greed” will have a field day!

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