Musical Contributions by Freethinkers

There are some people who love to say that with the loss of the [Christian] religious monopoly on our daily lives, we’ll lose the music and arts that are too often associated with religious faith. On this blog post, we’ll sample the works of numerous musicians and composers who have rejected mainstream religious faith. You’ve all heard these names before.

Ludwig van Beethoven, Pantheist

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Freemason

Robert Schumann, Pantheist

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, Atheist

Johannes Brahms, Agnostic

Richard Wagner, Atheist

Giuseppe Verdi, Atheist

Hector Berlioz, Atheist

Claude Debussy, Self-Described Neo-Pagan


And the list could go on…


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  1. That’s ridiculous. All your ‘atheist’ composers wrote religious music par exellence.

    • One can write religious music without being religious. For example, Verdi, almost undoubtedly a nonbeliever, said that “when I am alone with my notes, my heart pounds and the tears stream from my eyes, and my emotion and my joys are too much to bear.”

      All of this is possible without religion. We can feel incredible joy and inspiration without referencing or believing in the supernatural.

  2. Your list sucks none of them where obligated to make religious music but they did anyway and its impossible to make religious music without having some faith (try making it yourself) now if they lost there faith after that that’s another history. And since when pagan an pantheism are atheist WTF? Atheist are getting more pathetic each day and i hope you don’t start putting on your blog how John Milton, J. R. R. Tolkien and Shakespeare where actually atheist like i have seen on others blogs and sites… And why you actually start enjoying your life when you still have have time because according to you when you die it ands forever.

  3. This list is nonsense. “that rejected mainstream religious faith” many on the list were religious they just weren’t “mainstream religious”. I think you’re not just unfamiliar with the composers (even though a few of the ones named were atheist), I think you’re not familiar with the music either. All the videos included are of the most popular well known parts. I bet you’re the kind of guy that still tries the Scholar’s Mate on people. No offense. Often great minds, like composers, had more complex ideas of religion. Machiavelli for example, his religious ideas weren’t “mainstream” either. He cannot be claimed by Christians to be a standard Christian, this is very true, but that does not make him atheist either. Don’t try to simplify everything, their originality and complexity is what makes them great. Your offer to a simplifying queen exchange has been declined. Good day.

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