Should We Put Atheists on A National List Like The One For Sex Offenders?

Pastor Michael Stahl proposed on his blog that Christians make a list of all known atheists that would include their names and addresses.

I mean, think about it. There are already National Registrys [sic] for convicted sex offenders, ex-convicts, terrorist cells, hate groups like the KKK, skinheads, radical Islamists, etc..” Stahl writes. “This type of ‘National Registry’ would merely be for information purposes.

Yes, comparing atheists to hate groups and sex offenders. And using it to “inform” their supposedly tolerant and loving Christian brothers and sisters. Sure.

Well, this is the atheist response, and it’s one of the best ever.

We are atheists. We are everywhere. And no list will ever contain us.


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  1. Pastor Stahl’s proposed registry of atheists and other nonbelievers sounds almost McCarthyish. Maybe we should reply to him in the same vein as Joseph Welch did to Senator Joseph McCarthy in the Army-McCarthy hearings, back in the days of the anti-Communist witch hunts. “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?” … So, does Pastor Stahl really want to go down this road? … If not, he should have thought about that one before making his proposal for such a registry.

    1950’s: The McCarthy Decade/anti-Communist crusade
    2010’s: Pastor Michael Stahl’s proposal of atheist registry on his blog/
    era of anti-Atheist witch hunts? Stay tuned …

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