The Ten Commandments and the American Legal System

More evidence that religion is man-made (and that it shows) is when the most nauseatingly irrelevant mumblings of the ancient past are made to look like the founding documents of civilization. For some reason, the Ten Commandments are not just good guidelines for Christians. The Ten Commandments are apparently so incredibly important that they must be posted everywhere with taxpayer money on publicly funded property.

State Rep. Eric Watson unveiled a resolution urging all counties in Tennessee to post the Ten Commandments as an historical document lest America’s Christian heritage is forgotten…

Watson said the Ten Commandments are the foundation of the American legal system and it is important to remind counties across the state that they have the right to post the Ten Commandments in appropriate ways in county courthouses.

It’s a very peculiar line of thought that I never understood and they never explain. How exactly do the commandments have any relevance to our legal system, or any legal system at all? When has any decent legal system regulated Thoughtcrime or sentenced people for working on the Sabbath, or for coveting your neighbor’s ox/wife? If the Ten Commandments really is the foundational document for American law, then we are doomed.

However, we can take the liberal relativist route and just revise the damn commandments and keep “10” as our lucky number. Hitchens shows us how.



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