Liberal Relativism: What Religion Has Become

When reason and logic meet Christianity, this is what you get.

I’ve met and heard of people like John Spong many many times. They flood academic circles like the University of Chicago (and its Divinity School, for example).

It’s quite interesting that the religious people who have the most common sense are the people who stray farthest from their holy books. But this is what we need more of, not less. People like John Spong are much less likely to waste our time by doing things like teaching pseudoscience in public schools, trampling over the separation of church and state, kicking atheists out of the community, preaching the insane idea of salvation by faith, making nutty Rapture predictions, telling kids knowledge about God’s opinion on sex, aiding God’s intervention in the Middle Eastern real estate market, preaching misogyny and intolerance, claiming that your DNA can change if you believe in Jesus, etc. etc.

Christopher Hitchens once asked, “is there even a society that could not be helped with a dose of secularism, reason, and/or Enlightenment?”


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  1. Yep, here it is again. The Truth. What do we do if people keep asserting the truth.

    Most religions doesn’t even know that they are trying to “TAKE OVER”. They believe that once they make us all into ONE, prematurely and wrongheadedly, that the world will be saved. They believe in Psychological Manipulation for the good of God. Let me tell them something they probably never thought about, ANYTIME GOD WANTS HE/SHE COULD MAKE US BELIEVE, but that’s not God.

    They are predominantly hung up on Authority, Group Loyalty, and Purity. Whenever many spiritual subjects are brought up the :Liberal says “Why”. Why should we do something? Why is the world like this? The Conservative says”Who”. Who are you? Who said it? Who do I listen to?

    The gap is slowy closing because of things like the Internet, people can think, people can read. China and the Middle East can’t really control information.

    Anyway, Thanks.

  2. I’m sorry to say I’m a little cynical about this … For every university church-man there is like Spong, there’s a high-ranking theologian somewhere just as logical and just as extremist in his views as the religious fundamentalist across town.

    That’s how church groups get away with pushing Intelligent Design on the public and pressing doctrine on their faithful. They’ve perfected the art of marketing and catered theology so well that people are bound to buy it and not ask questions. They provide just enough philosophy in their religions to be plausible (God the Law-Giver and the Eternal Law, created an ordered universe, etc., etc.) in order to pull people in and keep them from being driven away by more outlandish religious claims.

    Then, just when we’re all secure in the knowledge that they’ve adopted a sensible position, they double back and say: “Well God can do anything”, “God can do anything He likes”, or that “He” can somehow “change the laws of creation to whatever suits Him; He’s God after all and can do miracles.” That not the “Eternal Law.” … That’s Baloney!

    The God who’s supposedly (“I Am Who Am”)(YHWH), and the embodiment of the Greco-Roman Prime Mover concept, wouldn’t work that way.

    Theology is a racket and we get hammered by it all too much of the time.


    Great post. But don’t get pulled in by such theologians. Their church superiors are in the background just waiting to contradict what they said, and proclaim their statements to be heresy.

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