Don’t Think Too Much, Just Obey

You can get updates and read more about Damon Fowler’s situation on Hemant’s blog.

Jerrett, Damon’s brother, gave an interview. I found the following story quite profound.

My parents can be a little unpredictable about things. I heard rumors that they fully blame me for everything that my brother did in the last several months, from admitting that he’s an atheist to the school prayer incident.

It probably has a lot to do with the email I sent my mother when I was 23, after I left home to go to school in the Dallas area. She kept trying to rule my life, asking me if I found a church in Texas. I finally got tired of it and told her, in a lengthy email, that I am agnostic and there is no way I’ll ever go back to Christianity. She tells me that I’ve gotten too smart and that because of that I have turned my back on God. Apparently, to her, there is a such thing as “thinking too much.

That’s right, all you faithful people out there. Don’t get too smart. Don’t think too much. Heck, why would you even want to go to college, an environment that makes you do exactly that?

Instead, you should take inspiration from #3 of the Top 13 Creepiest Christian Education Video For Kids.


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