Religion is Not a Mental Illness

The psychiatrists should leave the religious alone. Even when their whole worldview is shattered by such things as evidence and common sense, they’ll keep believing, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Assuming May 21 ends without a cataclysm to end all cataclysms, those who believed God would whisk them up to heaven are now discovering they remain earthbound, and this might be unsettling to some of them.“I would say it would probably be similar to going through a trauma, like when your worldview changes,” Francine Rosenberg, a clinical psychologist with the Morris Psychological Group in Parsippany, said Saturday.

“I would expect there might be some anxiety, some shame and embarrassment,” she said. “You can even see kind of a severe outlet of emotions, crying and whatnot. Fear — what should we believe in any more? It’s going to put everything they’ve ever believed in into question.”Rosenberg said those who might be disillusioned can reach out to their local mental health professional or to someone in the religious community.

No no no, you have it all wrong. Those people don’t need any help. They don’t need us to comfort them. They aren’t going to question anything. It’s not going to make a difference.

As I mentioned before, when everything they believe is shown to be demonstrably wrong, it is natural for the religious to make up some desperate rationalizations for their worldview. It happens automatically.

It’s no wonder why we have so many crazy and wacky forms of religion:

-Joseph Smith is demonstrably one of the greatest frauds of all time, yet Mormonism is alive and well in the United States.

-According to Jehovah’s Witnesses, we’ve been in the “last days” since 1914.

-Many of the thousands of believers who were in the Great Disappointment of 1844 formed the 7th Day Adventist Church, another wacky sect with crazy eschatological beliefs.

But of course, I don’t mean to pick on the weak ones.

About half of all Christians still believe that the Rapture is going to happen: they believe the bodies and corpses of all Christians, dead and alive, will suddenly disappear into God’s world, leaving all the non-Christians to suffer a period of tribulation.

If you believe in the above, and you suggest a date, then you’re a crazy crackpot fundamentalist. But if you believe in the above without saying a date, you’re a normal Christian.


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  1. Yay! I’m a normal Christian 🙂

    • Normal Christians:

      • Bradford Black

        Soon is an entirely relative term. To someone who accepts the current age of the universe, a couple thousand years is a relative instant. But in actual time, He’s coming sooner now than he was 1000 years ago, and sooner today than He was yesterday. With each generation that passes in expectation, we come closer to the one that will see the day.

      • 40% of Americans think by 2050. I think that’s what “soon” means.

      • Bradford Black

        Jesus said in Rev. 22:12, “Look, I am coming soon!” and he didn’t give a definition. I find it really doesn’t matter what we think soon is, especially since most Christians secretly wish for His coming to occur within their lifetime anyway. The only thing we can do is look for the very signs Jesus gave that His coming is approaching. Seeing that many of them have not yet occurred, I know we’ve got time. 2050? Maybe. Either way, there’s certainly enough work to be done until He comes.

    • thanks for writing this blog. Keep exposing the fundies for what they are!

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