If Christians Took Over Public Education

After all the prayers at graduation rehearsal, all the complaints by atheist Damon Fowler, all the insults and threats issued at him, all the drama involving his mother effectively disowning him, all the support from secular Netizens around the world, after donations totaling over $10,000 (and counting) for Fowler’s scholarship fund (in addition to $1000 from FFRF), the graduation at Bastrop High School finally happened.

In Christian form, unfortunately.

The sound is a bit off, so let me quote directly and translate.

I respect the beliefs of others, but…

Plug this into Google translate from Christianspeak –> English, and you’ll get this as output.

I claim to respect your beliefs, but I don’t give a shit about your constitutional rights. I’m going to lead everyone in Christian prayer in a publicly funded high school ceremony because I can’t stand the idea of praying silently and privately. Prayer must be in-your-face. Fuck all you nonbelievers if you don’t agree.

Not just any prayer, of course. Christian prayer, and Christian prayer only.

Of course, it’s useless trying to educate these people on basic civics. The only option we have left is to talk to them in a language that everyone understands: money.

The courts have ruled consistently that official prayer at a publicly funded ceremony, even if student-led, is government endorsement of religion and violates the Establishment Clause. The fact that prayer was rehearsed beforehand and no action was taken (e.g., the moment of silence could have been faculty-led) puts the final nail in their coffin.

Public education is for everyone and should be inclusive of everyone, not just people of one religion.

Inspiration of the day: Jessica Ahlquist.


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