Atheist Runs for Congress

There’s a person by the name of Cecil Bothwell who is running for Congress in 2012 in North Carolina’s 11th District. He is a fellow WordPress blogger, and he has the following to say about his beliefs.

Like about 1 in 5 Americans I don’t profess to believe in God…

I’d note that there isn’t anything easier to lie about than one’s personal beliefs. Given the number of people who hold a poor opinion of atheists, it might be politically expedient for me to claim some sort of theism, but truth-telling is part of who I am. When I look at politicians like Sen. John Ensign and Gov. Mark Sanford, who loudly professed deep Christian faith, and then look at their duplicitous actions, I’m not much impressed with their declarations of belief. In this world I think it better to judge people by their actions than by their assertions.

He recognizes the following concept.

At the same time, freedom of religion necessarily includes freedom from religion, otherwise the idea is meaningless.

His morals don’t come from one of a few ancient books; rather, he lives by a simple rule:

As for my personal beliefs, I try my best to live up to the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I have never heard of any moral code that surpasses that rule, and a world in which the Golden Rule held sway would surely be something like heaven on earth.

The sad thing is that all of this is going to become controversial. He’s going to make the news for absolutely no reason at all. He won’t be singled out for his political ideas, but because he holds common sense, reasonable ideas about religion and morality that happen to differ from the other candidates.

You see, the norm in America is that you have to profess a faith in some supernatural entity, most preferably Yahweh. You get points when you say that you support some level of entanglement between church and state, or that you get your morals from an old book.


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