SSA Poster Vandalized

Interestingly, when I was photographing the IVCF poster yesterday, I came upon something peculiar on one of our own posters for Superstition Bash. (SuperBash is a huge event put on by the UChicago Secular Student Alliance for this Friday the 13th.)

As you can see, it’s quite faint, and I barely noticed it. But there’s a giant “X,” written with white chalk, on our poster. You can see my chalked finger when I rubbed it.

Now, I never knew there were such ardent defenders of superstitious nonsense. Could it be the homeopathy apologists, or the true believers in Bigfoot? Some of us suspect it was either the crop-circlers or the fortune cookie addicts. I personally believe that it was masterminded by the fanatical practitioners of ESP.

Seriously though, whatever faith-based tribe you come from, drawing on people’s posters is not nice.

This is not the first time UChicago SSA’s posters have been defaced. The last incident involved a conversation with UChicago Bias Response that raised the question of whether the defacing was a “hate crime.”

In other words, we take stuff like this really seriously. And you should too.


P.S. The Superstition Bash is happening on Friday the 13th of May, and you’re invited! There will be a FREE DINNER and AWESOME ENTERTAINMENT (featuring The Shaft, Occam’s Razor, Voices in Your Head), as well as a whole array of attractions and activities.

It’s sponsored by the Spiritual Life Office at Rockefeller Chapel. It is not offensive, and there’s no reason to vandalize over it.

I hope to see you there. Check out for more information.


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  1. I’m sorry someone chose to vandalize your posters. It’s not right to do that to someone else’s hard work, and I hope it stops. I know how it feels because IV has had some posters vandalized/torn down as well. Who ever is responsible in each case needs to learn how to respect people, especially those that aren’t disrespecting them.

  2. Also I wouldn’t assume that this was done by someone that identifies with a faith-based organization. It could’ve been anyone, and even though you might like for one of the Christians or Muslims or whatever to be responsible, it could’ve also just been someone with nothing better to do that just decided it would be “fun” to destroy someone’s property.

    • I was referring more to homeopathy/ESP/Bigfoot types of “faith-based activities” (as a joke), but I accept your point.

  3. I don’t know… posters aren’t always vandalized in this manner :/ often times they’re just taken down by other RSOs. To deface a poster is to send a specific message, imo. And judging by this incident–which isn’t as bad–and the last one at the I-House.. I’d say hate-crime :/ It’s amazing how some people view atheists/agnostics as a sort of, I don’t know, ..too weird to comprehend. The lack of belief? Must be anarchists/baby-killers/moraless people/etc etc. Like that other article that you posted about Orange County. So many misconceptions!

    I do hope this stops ..

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