Christians Love Children?

Let me get this video straight. Christianity is dying. Why? Because Christians are not having enough kids.

Combine that claim with a barrage of accusations that secular society is prizing “prosperity” over children, and I can’t help but to post a response. Let’s make the facts clear:

A. You don’t get points by having more children.

Seriously. Being fruitful and multiplying is precisely the problems that have plagued so many nations.

B. Children are not mindless robots who should be indoctrinated into the religion of their parents.

It’s very disturbing the way people talk about children who either haven’t yet been born or are way too young to be able to decide their own religious beliefs. It’s very disturbing to hear children being labeled like that, as Muslims or as Christians or even as atheists. Why shouldn’t children be taught about every major religion and be expected to choose their own beliefs?

C. Society will not go back to the days when women were baby factories.

Believe it or not, but in free and prosperous societies–societies that you think devalue children–people (and especially women) can choose their own reproductive destinies. They can choose to pursue their dreams, their careers, their own lifestyle. They don’t have to get married at all. There are people who think that there’s something wrong with this, but there isn’t.

D. You have no idea why Christianity is dying in America.

Religion is dying in places like America because more and more people are speaking out against its innate absurdities. Improvements in science and education have hurt the claims of the religious. The world is also becoming more interconnected, and people can access information much more easily from many different sources. This free marketplace of ideas is precisely the environment in which religion does not thrive.

E. If you want to spread Christianity, you should give reasonable arguments and evidence.

Having more kids to indoctrinate is precisely the tactic you use when you realize you are losing the argument on the basis of evidence and reason.

The sad thing is that the people who heard that sermon probably nodded and agreed wholeheartedly. After all, what can we expect from people who have been told to obey and to act like sheep?


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