Kids Say the Darndest Things

Half of this video is filled with the same old Pat Robertson (he’s actually in the video) nonsense. These mistaken ideas include:

a) Majority always rules.
b) America is a Christian nation.
c) “In God We Trust” and “Under God” have always existed.
d) The Founding Fathers were Christians and were motivated by Christianity.
e) The “Creator” in the Declaration of Independence refers to the Christian deity.
f) The Ten Commandments is a good framework for morality.

If you suffer from any of the delusions above, I suggest starting to read about American history. You can start with the writings of the Founding Fathers, especially those of Thomas Jefferson, who actually drafted the Declaration of Independence. You can also read the entire Constitution, the very document that made this country. You can also read about the Red Scare (and the events that led to edits to the Pledge of Allegiance). You should also read the Ten Commandments and then try to explain how the first three commandments have anything to do with morality.

But aside from the terrible attempt of the creators of this video to maintain “balance,” there are some very good stories in here. Especially inspiring is the struggle of students to fight for their rights (to start a high school group or to go to a religiously neutral public school, for example) and the amazing work that the Freedom from Religion Foundation is doing around the country. We need more leaders like the brave kids (and their supportive parents) in this video to stand up for what is right.


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