Overt Christian Evangelism on UChicago Campus?

I thought that at a university where 50% of students identify as atheist or agnostic, I will never see such a day. Well here’s what I received from an IVCF email:

What is Contact Evangelism?

From 4th – 9th week, join us (MEIV and AAIV) as we go out in pairs for an hour each week to engage our fellow students on campus in conversations about God and their experiences with faith. It’s an amazing opportunity not only to live out what Jesus commanded us to do and be God’s presence on this campus, but to genuinely listen to them and share the joy and hope that we have in the inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade that God has set aside for us. (1 Peter 1:4)

Nice, isn’t it? Nothing better to complement the spring weather than highly-trained, motivated pairs of Christians (in the Quads, maybe?) telling us about the way of the true master in the sky. If it does happen (and I hope it does), I shall bring my video camera and make it a TV show.

Oh, and there’s more:

Why should I do it?

There are many on this campus who are broken and empty, and the knowledge of that weighs on my heart, especially in light of how we are people that were made for a love everlasting, and it is for freedom that Christ set us free (Gal 5:1). God has placed every one of us specifically on this campus to be part of his mission in redeeming and restoring our friends back to a relationship with him, and so I challenge us as a fellowship to go out this spring quarter and be the fragrance of life for the people who don’t know the grace and love that God has in store for them.

Apparently there are a minority of people on campus who have knowledge that no human being can possibly have. They not only know that we nonbelievers are empty and broken inside, but they also happen to know the correct religion, the correct God, the correct Holy Book, and super-duper amazing details about where you go when you die. And they are going to teach us the truth, two people at a time.

Stay tuned.


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  1. “There are many on this campus who are broken and empty…”

    This may just be symptomatic of going to this school.

  2. Mike,

    This might disappoint you, but Contact Evangelism isn’t actually new to UChicago. And if I may warn you, it will probably not make for very interesting film material. It is however great conversation, at least it has been in my experience.

    Given that SSA and IVCF are both interested in fostering critical, intelligent, honest, open and nonjudgmental dialogue about questions of faith and religion, I don’t see what’s surprising to you or fascinating for you about Christians dialoguing. Maybe you can elaborate.

    At any rate, for a population 50% agnostic/atheist, a couple Christians who want to talk about faith, God, and religion can’t hurt. In fact, if Christianity is not so “super-duper,” then Contact Evangelism would only help people come to that realization through open dialogue.

    Yay, spirit of free inquiry. Nay to any opinion that suggests we aren’t allowed to disagree openly for fear of judgment or stereotype.

    May we both learn and may God, who exists, reveal himself.


    • I actually think it’s a good idea that you guys are out and about.

      However, I just want to highlight an important difference. SSA does not engage in this kind of overt evangelism; we don’t have a program that brings people out specifically to actively engage others about our beliefs. We only do so in the context of a debate (for people who choose to come). I can’t guarantee that we won’t have some kind of Contact Atheism event, but I really really doubt it will happen.

      I have to admit, I was completely kidding about filming this. I don’t think you guys will be nearly as entertaining as Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. =)

  3. I can let you know when I’m doing this if you want to come and film what we do. You have my contact info.

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