Beware of Christian Males

I don’t mean to be scaring you girls, but you females have NO IDEA how hard it is to be a Christian guy. The only things preventing Christian guys from looking at you as a sex object are lots of prayer, lots of Bible reading, and going to Church.

I am thankful God has created me to be attracted to women. Campus is a loaded minefield. There are girls everywhere, and it is guaranteed that I will pass some attractive girls as I walk in between classes. I either have to be actively engaging my mind and my spirit in praying, quoting Scripture, listening to worship music, or simply looking at the sidewalk to make it through unscathed

That’s why you girls have a responsibility to God and to the other half of God’s creation to never ever dress in any way that could be considered immodest. And by all means, please do the Christian men a favor?

All I need to know is that the way she presents herself to the world is bait for my sinful mind to latch onto, and I need to avoid it at all costs… To the girls who are ignorant, please serve your brother, and have your dad screen your wardrobe. Ask him how you can choose holiness more than worldliness. He’s a guy, and he knows more than you do on these issues.

Makes a lot of sense to me. Christian men think with their crotches when they aren’t with God. It’s the responsibility of women to deal with this problem.

So stop it with all your complaining about sexual abuses in the Church. Stop wondering why Christians have all these backwards views about sexuality. You girls just don’t understand.


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