Why Atheists Go to Hell

If an atheist made it to heaven, he would want to be conscious. Some say that people aren’t really conscious in Heaven. They say that only the soul or spirit goes up, and that we really won’t be aware of where or what we are. As far as the atheist can see, that would mean we’re as good as dead, which can’t possibly be the case.

If an atheist made it to heaven conscious, he would want to have free will. Without free will, God could indeed make us act (and even think) perfectly and without sin, but we wouldn’t be us. We would be in terrible pain if we could not control the movement of our limbs or the thoughts in our head. We must therefore have free will.

If an atheist made it to heaven conscious and with free will, he would want his reasoning faculties intact. Without that, he would be incomplete, he would be someone else, someone who could do all kind of crazy, superstitious, nonsensical things. The idea of Heaven as a place without the light of Reason is absurd.

If an atheist made it to heaven conscious, with free will, and with the faculty of reason intact, he would commit the same freaking sins on earth as on heaven. He would doubt and disbelieve in many of the commands and instructions of God. The atheist would still tell white lies, get angry from time to time, and some may even participate in homosexual activities. The atheist would still be himself: created sinful and commanded to be perfect.

That’s why atheists go to hell. Because they mess it up.

Now, what do Christians do when they go to Heaven?


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  1. Actually according to Christianity it’s not the sin that keeps people from going to heaven it’s the unbelief and lack of faith that keeps people from heaven.

    • I have to disagree. The fall of man is the entrance of humanity into the world of sin. God and Man cannot coexist in one place because God is infinitely perfect while we fall mightily short of that perfection with our sin. Christianity proposes that God can only forgive your SINS if you accept that about two thousand years ago, he sent a son on an apparent suicide mission to be physically tortured for your sins. It is your SINS that are forgiven; you become white as snow, and only then can you enter Heaven.

      But even if you are right, atheists in Heaven would still have a lack of “faith”. They would still question everything they are told, no matter who said it.

      • I agree with you too an extent. Sin is what got us kicked out of the garden. If some one has faith and believes that Jesus is the son of God then he can forgive your sins. If your sins were the only thing keeping you from heaven then there would be no way to have you sins forgiven and no way to get to heaven. Every one sins and no one is perfect, even the Christians ( although most people who claim to be Christian will not admit it) An atheist wouldn’t make it to heaven because of their unbelief and lack of faith. What your saying is that an atheist would rather not go to heaven.

    • I’m saying Heaven has to be free of sin; that’s why we all couldn’t get there in the first place.

      A place without sin has to have people who don’t sin. I want you to think about how it is possible to be free of sin while being yourself and having free will. Either you’d be a mental and physical slave, or you’d be someone else other than yourself, or you’d be unconscious.

      Atheists obviously can’t not sin. What makes you think you’ll be all perfect and sinless in Heaven?

      Also, atheists are only the ones asking hypothetical questions like “What if?..” They are not the human beings who claim to understand incredible details about what happens in the afterlife (like you).

  2. The bible tells us what happens after death not me. I chose to believe it just like you chose not to believe it. So what if you are wrong about no God? I don’t believe I’m wrong but what if hypothetically speaking I am and there is no God , then where does that leave me? It leaves me in a place that is no worst off then before if I’m wrong. I’ve never claimed to know everything ( that would be impossible and even you don’t know everything). Having faith means that you believe in something that can not be seen or tested.

    • “The bible tells us what happens after death not me. I chose to believe it just like you chose not to believe it.”

      Why not believe in what the Koran says? Why not believe in literal reincarnation?

      The question is: why should your belief in a particular book of a particular religion give you any real, objective knowledge about what happens after death?

      “So what if you are wrong about no God? I don’t believe I’m wrong but what if hypothetically speaking I am and there is no God , then where does that leave me? It leaves me in a place that is no worst off then before if I’m wrong.”

      Really now? Pascal’s Wager? This deserves a separate post. Stayed tuned.

      “I’ve never claimed to know everything ( that would be impossible and even you don’t know everything).”

      You should read what I wrote again. I’m not saying you claim to know everything.

      I’m saying you seem to be telling me what happens after people die, how to get to heaven, etc. These are details that you don’t really know, that you just believe without any evidence.

  3. What follows next: belief is not required. The reality is that your biggest opponent you will ever face as we are done here learning the tools of Eternal Creation so that we ALL will be “as gods” is yourself. Fear tactics are not the way.

    What is the language of the Bible? It’s not shown here. IT IS GRACE.
    Barking Loudly At Sinners Promising Hell’s Entrance Marks You. Judge = Blasphemy.
    Those who say that Eternal Perfect Desires aren’t perfect as they promise hell to the “unbelievers” don’t know Jesus Christ, but rather instead are selling the Image of the Beast. Those who promise others that they must go and ask this man for forgiveness, which makes no sense to a Being Full of Grace and is a judgment unto oneself, which is in itself a blasphemy. Those who preach that “eternal hell” exists aren’t reading the Bible nor do they know that it switches back and forth. The Lord’s wrath is YOUR WRATH. God’s Grace is ETERNAL.

    Those ignoring Romans 3:3 & 2 Peter 3:9 while selling a story that is so full of logical holes that one could drive a freight train through them do not know Christ, whether they call themselves Christians or not. Those who worship by the grace of God’s wrath (fail) this construct of a Being full of Mercy that will punish (fail) as He Is Longsuffering but will lose patience (fail) are lost sellers of the Mark of the Beast bowing down in ungodly whoreship to the Image. What does an Eternal God want with a bunch of scared slaves? Those who damn judge things such as “gay love”, do not know The Prophesies in any way, nor do they know which vaile was lifted in Jesus Christ. Instead, they know blasphemy as they act in the manner of The Merchants selling the controlling energy of death that is darkenesse.

    Your beliefs are little boxes limiting sight. Atheists are NO different from Christians. How DARE you point fingers at each other. You’re both BLIND. “I can’t see” said the blind man. Well no kidding. It takes a blindness to believe in illogical constructs that are perversions of The Prophesies and it also takes a blindness to believe that Eternal Beings couldn’t exist.

    What are the Eternal Powers? Where are those answers from those atheists who are about “logic” and “science”? Never to be found because in the fake science of atheist belief, strict limits are set during the observation and discovery phase in a DIRECT violation of the scientific method. There’s no logic, but rather illogical nonsense. For the atheist claiming “logic”, what do you think that burning energy in your chest is when you are angry? What do you think the picture book for children that are The Prophecy is trying to explain with hell? Pride is a blindness upon the eyes and a mind confused.

    ETERNAL POWERS: Patient Guidance (temp: control), Kind Influence (temp: force), Belief (temp: obedience)

    The Christian damning the atheist damns himself. YOU JUDGE YOURSELF. At least it can be said that the atheist isn’t worshiping The Beast.

    Jesus Christ, Son of God Full of Grace?
    Judge Chains, Son of man full of pains?

    “Now, what do Christians do when they go to Heaven?” – they say hello to the atheists.

    We are ALL Children of Light and how DARE you believe that heaven is some special little club that excludes atheists and “gays”. That’s WICKED and it’s no wonder that people stay away. The ones you cower in fear with that False Prophet lie have the Mark of the Beast in their right hands. The ones who cheer on a wrathful Lord who will punish and hurt others have the Mark of the Beast in their forheads. Revelations 13:15-18 is YOUR BEAST CHRISTIANS.

    Romans 3:3 – For what if some did not beleeue? shall their vnbeliefe make the faith of God without effect?

    Believe in what you KNOW. Have Faith in what you believe in and Know.

    “Thou shalt not lie with mankinde” = MAN’S JUDGEMENTS AND LAWS. There’s no penis and anal sex in The Prophesie. If sight of such is witnessed – then cast that wicked deuill that can be found in these shiny reflective surfaces called mirrors. If the word “homosexual” is condemned in your bible, then know that you’ve got a book of Satan’s Lies.

    What God Is ONLY: Grace (Eternal Strength), LIBERTY (Eternal Truth), Love (Eternal Life; State), JOY (Whole Happiness/ State), Hope (Surrounded Light bringing Sight/ State), GRATEFULNESS (Eternal Admiration), Longsuffering (Eternal Patience), COMPASSION (Eternal Mercy), Guidance & Influence (Eternal Powers) HUMILITY (Eternal ability to receive new wisdom, creation, knowledge) and PEACE (Being).

    We were born into Babylon -naked, screaming, knowing nothing and babbling- and this is our classroom. We’re here to learn those things that are referred to as Divine Law. It’s not a law book of iudgments and punishments, which is the kind of Babel that is usually sold by any number of man’s religions, but rather offers something quite the opposite. It is Whole, Complete and Good. Patience over frustration. Your choice. Gratefulness over regrets and loss. Your choice. Compassion over aggression. Your choice. Admiration over jealousy and envy. Your choice. Forgiveness that leads to Grace over grudges and revenge. Your choice. Eternal life over neverending death. Your choice. AHHH. There it is. Who offers that iudgment, diuision, and punishment? You. Nobody else. “Only God can judge me” is a popular refrain heard in Babylon. But it’s not exactly true. You get Eternal Life. You WILL have it. Right now, we’re living in neverending death. Choice.

    We ALL go up. Nobody is left behind.


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