Not Very Inspiring

Yes, there’s a lot of debate about “bad teachers” and “competency” in an increasingly large discussion about school reform. How much professional training do we owe teachers, and at what point do we choose to let teachers go?

Whatever your view is on these topics, I hope you agree that there’s at least one thing we cannot tolerate from science teachers: the deliberate attempt to teach creationism in the public schools.

It’s not only illegal, it’s insulting to the millions of people around this country who don’t want more religious nonsense to be subsidized by taxpayer money.

So when a Libertyville High School science teacher taught creationism, the school board decided to intervene. How? By doing nothing, apparently.

The teacher in question is a long standing D128 educator, cooperated fully with administrators looking into this concern, and we will not be recommending his termination as this is remediable behavior.

Remediable? Okay, if this was a science teacher whose students didn’t quite make the expected improvements on their standardized tests, perhaps we can “remediate” this teacher.

But this is someone who deliberately sought to violate law, undermine Illinois science standards, and mislead students about science. This is not a teacher wanting to improve his teaching; this is someone who think he has a God-given, Biblical right to teach his set of superstitious beliefs.

As posted before, an estimate 13% of public school teachers in America teach creationism. This is setting a very very bad standard. For students who want to learn real science–for secular students who feel out of place with their religious surroundings especially–this is not very inspiring.


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