I Called It

Remember that video that showed some Christian girl thanking God for the tsunami in Japan? It went viral on the internet and incited outrage by both the religious and the nonreligious.

But I never really believed it was real. And I found out a couple days ago that I was right:

She is a demonstration of Poe’s Law, the fact that it is impossible to distinguish between religious crazies and the people who parody them. However, she didn’t fool me, for the following reason:

1) I looked through many of her videos and deduced that she had a very good understanding of science and religion.

2) Her positions are actually opposite of what you would expect. No desperate attempts to understand natural tragedies (that God allows for) with ceaseless prayer and groveling. No guilty conscience. That’s very rare for religious people.

3) She looks like an atheist and smells like one too.


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  1. Bradford Black

    I thought it was a clever smear tactic as well, and she set it up beautifully with a slew of videos portraying herself as Christian. Wow, I guess I should be relieved?

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