What He Learned at Straight Camp

An extremely entertaining guy, Ted Cox showed up at the University of Chicago at an event hosted by the Secular Student Alliance. He is a journalist who pretended to be gay in order to infiltrate multiple therapy camps designed to cure homosexuality. Of course, he’s really straight and an atheist, and he gives an amazing presentation about the history of the religious ex-gay movement and his own experiences.

Here’s a photo tour of our event.

His (beautiful) Powerpoint presentation.


Rubberbands were handed out to all audience members. Pourquoi je ne sais pas.

(Actually they were used in the straight camps so that you could fling the rubber band at yourself each time you had a sinful homosexual thought.)


It’s a crowded room…


Alas, we see him. He gets freaked out by the camera sometimes.


Our SSA President giving a short introduction.


He begins talking. What does he talk about?


He gives a warning/disclaimer to those faint at heart. I was about to leave when I saw “Jesus on a Dinosaur.” Oh the trauma…


“Journey Into Manhood” — the Christian straight camp that Ted Cox infiltrated.


A group of volunteers taking directions.


What they did was re-enact a therapy technique called the “Motorcycle.” It involves giving manly support to the person (via touch) in the middle while singing Christian music. Note: this is not meant to be sexual in any way. Apparently the audience didn’t do it right (we just giggled all the way through), and nobody was cured.


Our graduate student advisor looking very interested.


Scholars on the connection between the status of homosexuality and the role of women in the Bible.


Ted answers questions from the audience.


The post-event SSA dinner. Apparently Ted loves beer.


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