Real Education Reform

Skip to 8:20. People who think that science denial is limited only to Protestant Christianity are fooling themselves.

In America, fewer than 30% of high school science teachers really teach the theory of evolution. The majority science teachers avoid the topic.

13% of high school science teachers teach creationism.

Indeed, the religious have a lot of catching up to do. So what’s the solution? How are we going to change this?


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  1. This really pisses me off. Seriously.

  2. Bradford Black

    Don’t be offended, Oscar. I really feel like Richard Dawkins and these Moslems are talking past each other. I don’t appreciate how he belittles their belief and causes them to feel alienated because of their rejection of what supposedly “the ENTIRE scientific community” accepts, but I also think the Moslems could have better explained how they reached their conclusion that humans did not evolve. Christians can’t merely be angry at atheists if we cannot ourselves provide a defense for our belief.

    • I honestly don’t understand your evaluation. Where did Richard Dawkins belittle Muslims, and how were they “alienated”? All he did was calmly ask questions of the students, the teacher, and the principal. He was especially nice to the girls, and he answered the girl’s question about the connection between humans and apes very well.

      Also, evolution is not what the entire scientific community “supposedly” accepts. It IS accepted theory. There is no real scientific debate on whether evolution happened; scientists only disagree on things like speed, branching, speciation patterns, punctuated equilibrium, etc.

      I don’t know why this is not clear to you, but Muslims generally reach the same conclusion as many Christians for the same reason. The Koran, like the Bible, details a very specific creation story that does not mention evolution by natural selection explicitly. The only way to reconcile these stories is read the texts like a metaphor (e.g., 1 day = x billion years), which many religious people do.

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