Discovering Who We Are

Is homosexuality a choice? There’s still a massive Christian industry insisting that it is.

That’s why I’m very excited to see the speaker coming to the University of Chicago next week: a journalist by the name of Ted Cox (atheist and straight, fyi) who infiltrated Christian gay-to-straight programs and shared his experiences.

At the core of programs like these is the belief that homosexuality is a sinful choice according to the Bible, that God’s plan for all of us is to be heterosexual, and that homosexuality is caused by factors like a lack of a father figure. The solution, therefore, consists of all kinds of odd activities designed to convert them to heterosexuality. Ted Cox notes that “rather than turning straight, the men and women that I met throughout this project dealt with a cycle of repression, backsliding into sin, then shame, guilt, and repentance.”

This event is hosted by the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Chicago and co-sponsored by Queers & Associates and The Sacred Flame (a religious LGBT group on campus). It will be in Stuart 101 on Friday, March 11.

Facebook Event

Hope you see you there!


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  1. Homosexuality, heterosexuality, these sorts of labels just confuse everyone.

    We all have sexual feelings. God intended for us to express our sexuality in the context of a male-female lifelong relationship. ANY expression of sexuality outside of this context is not what God intended. This includes sames-sex relations, premarital sex, extramarital sex, pornography and probably even masturbation. So the only alternative to male-female lifelong sexual relations is celibacy. However, we cannot do that in our own stream and according to human programmes. Only God’s Spirit can help us and that is only available if we accept that we cannot not perfect creatures, that we can’t be good in our own effort and accept that Jesus died for the punishment of the wrongs we have done. The point is that gay to straight conversion programmes are more atheistic than people realise.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment.

    “We all have sexual feelings.” Not all of us do, but most of us have sexual feelings, and they are not the same. There is clearly a difference between homosexuality (feelings of attraction to the same sex) and heterosexuality (the opposite). Sure, there may be fuzziness and a spectrum in-between, but one cannot deny that these are vastly different sexual orientations.

    The problem comes, therefore, when people like you (don’t mean to be personal) claim not only to know that God exists, but also to know his intentions. You claim to know his rules and regulations, his way to forgive us, and the nature of his “Spirit”.

    I’m sorry. You’re a human being too. As such, the probability that you know more than a Christian or Muslim or an atheist about topics like these approaches zero.

    • I thought I was agreeing with you with regard to these “gay to straight conversion” programmes but obviously not very clearly. I agree with you that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of sexual orientation, but I think the problem is that lots of people trying and argue for 100% either way, when the reality is that everyone is somewhere along the spectrum. And I speak as someone who is somewhere along the spectrum and not always in the same place. Honestly, I don’t think anyone can ever truly claim to actually know the truth until they meet God (even the truth of whether God exists or not). much of it is based on a combination on faith, human knowledge and experience and often we believe what is most appealing for us. On the issue of homosexuality, truth is that I am internally divided and I know other christians who are. But there is a big difference between suggesting that homosexual practice is a sin and actually practising homophobia.

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