All our passions reflect the stars.

Toutes nos passions reflètent les étoiles.

That’s from Victor Hugo, an author most famously known for his impossible-to-finish Les Miserables and his now-Disneyfied Hunchback of Notre Dame.

But did you know he was also an influential composer and a gifted artist? That he absolutely despised Christianity and published many poems (some posthumously) making exactly that point? That he was exiled from France for his support of republicanism? That he later returned to France and was elected to the National Assembly and the Senate? Did you know that two million people showed up for his funeral?

I particularly love the depth of his characters and the dark, complicated themes that they address.

As someone who has never finished reading a single thing Hugo wrote or looked at any other work he produced, I feel like I have some catching up to do.


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