Unbounded Admiration

You are unquestionably one of my heroes.

Dear Christopher Hitchens,

Your clarity of thought, your incisive wit, and your genuine and earnest disdain for religion are an inspiration to me. They have been since I finished reading god is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything and will be for as many years as I have. Be assured that your effect today on people like myself, all over the world, has been immense. Those of us in positions of education will continue to encourage the development and constant use of critical thinking in our students in part because of you.

I want you to know that you are unquestionably one of my heroes. You stand in rare company.

May you find whatever ease you can in the time you have remaining. Thank you, sir, for so very much.

Most sincerely,

A teacher in Pennsylvania

It was not an easy journey.

… I cannot give you my atheism, nor do you desire it I imagine, but your words, though they come from a long line of brilliant atheists, gave me the confidence I do have in my stance. My passion to see others such as myself, toppling on the edge but not quite over, finally make their way into ‘de-conversion’ is stronger, and more honest, than anything I had done as a Christian.

I say all this simply to say, ‘thank you.’ Thank you for taking the extra step as an atheist and speaking up where other had been silent…

We can only continue to speak up, and to help people out of the muck, and to see what a life well-lived really looks like, no longer passively longing for the eternal reward of kissing ass or burning in Sheol like the garbage religion would have us believe we are.

A ‘new’ atheist,
Bennie Robinson

Perhaps you truly don’t know the impact you have had.

Your works have helped in the battle for truth and compassion based on reason and logic. Your struggle against the forces of dogma has allowed people like myself to openly live as atheists. We need not be ashamed of the simple possession of critical thinking. The free expression of one’s self is a true gift, and you helped make that so much easier for so many of us.

I am certain that there are people walking around in our world that have benefited from your work, yet have never heard your name nor read anything you have written. I hope you take this as the deep compliment I intend it to be. You have helped create a better environment for all of us. As someone who has read your works and knows what you do for all of us, let me simply thank you and offer you best wishes.

Best regards,
Jason Jackson

You can read more letters like this and submit your own on DearChristopher.com.


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